Google Maps vs. Google Local Finder

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  • June 21, 2024

In the age of digital innovation, locating the perfect local business is just a few keystrokes. With so many options from Google to search, things could be a bit overwhelming, especially with Google Maps and Local Finder. They both seem to show your local businesses, but which one should you use and why?

This extensive guide clears the confusion and explains the different functionalities of these powerful tools in the simplest possible way. Whether you’re a wanderer or a seeker, you will have the skill to locate just what you need and when you need it.

Understanding User Intent: Maps for Explorers, Finder for Seekers

Choosing the right tool lies in determining your user intent. Are you a wandering explorer who has been thrown into the unknown, or a focused seeker driven by a certain business need? Let’s unpack the different user goals that Google Maps and Local Finder serve:

Google Maps

Google Maps fills the wanderlust within. Think of yourself as a modern-day Columbus who has visited unfamiliar terrain. Google Maps is the ultimate digital atlas that guides you in your exploration and navigation.

Local Finder

Local Finder serves a purpose. Say you were looking for the best cup of coffee or needed to make a last-minute pharmacy run– this is where Local Finder comes in handy. It acts as a personal guide by finding particular businesses for you based on your location

Maps as Your Virtual Atlas:

When the desire to explore takes hold of you, Google Maps becomes the ultimate guide for you. This is how it simplifies your exploration.

  • Finding Directions:  Are you feeling lost and in need of help? Maps will provide you with real-time directions to ensure that you reach your destination.
  • Discovering New Places: Planning your city tour or weekend getaways?  Google Maps shows different points of interest ranging from to the hidden, igniting your spirit of adventure.
  • Planning Trip Made Better: Visualise your journey! Restaurants, gas stations, and hotels among other things can be spotted along the way using Google Maps thereby enhancing your travel experience.

Local Finder as a Customised Directory:

Let’s switch gears and talk about targeted searches now. Local Finder will act as your own personalised directory for local businesses that will simplify your search:

  • Find Businesses in Your Area: Craving for pizza, need a haircut, or want to make a quick trip to the pharmacy? Say goodbye to “endless” searches. Local Finder locates specific businesses around your current location saving you time and energy.
  • Compare Businesses of Similar Interests: Have more than one option which has left you spoiled for choice? This or that? Local finder allows you to compare businesses in your area based on customer ratings among other important aspects like reviews as well as offered features e.g. in-store pickup or late-night delivery hours etc.
  • Business Details at Your Doorstep: Need a phone number, website, or opening hours to communicate with a business better? You can have all this information at your fingertips through Local Finder which makes decision-making more effective.

Key Differences:

Now that you know their user intents, let’s go deeper into the capabilities of each platform with this useful table:

key difference - Google map & google local finder

Finding the Right One: The When and How's of Each Tool

Knowing the strengths of each platform means you could use them where they would be most appropriate:

Use Google Maps To:

  • Finding directions when navigating unfamiliar territories
  • Identifying potential places such as parks or museums etc., along your journey
  • Planning ahead by looking up restaurants that could serve as pit stops, gas stations, or even hotels for overnights

Use Google Local Finder To:

  • Find a specific business near you.
  • Compare nearby businesses based on their ratings, reviews, and features.
  • Finding Contact details including a phone number and website.


The mystery behind Google Maps and Local Finder is finally unravelled! You will never have to decide which one to use when searching for local businesses again.


Google Maps: Your virtual map for exploration, navigation, and trip planning.

Google Local Finder: A personal guide to finding the best businesses in your area complete with detailed information and helpful reviews.

Google Maps works hand in hand with Local Finder. The next time you need some pizza or have to visit a drugstore, now you know where exactly to head or tap on your device! Go out there and enjoy discovering new places while feeling confident about the whole process as long as these two great apps are with you – Google Maps & Local Finder!

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